Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Arkansas Eyes On Arizona Illegal Immigrant Legislation

In another show of loss faith in the federal government, the State of Arizona has imposed an illegal immigration law in an attempt to stabilize their state economy. The law requires immigrants to carry papers showing that they are in the United States legally. It also requires police to question people as to their immigration status if they are suspected of being here illegally.

One group that is monitoring the end results of the law is a non-profit organization in Arkansas called Secure Arkansas. Since the state of Arkansas has no such law in place, the group is very interested in modeling similar legislation in Arkansas. Oklahoma is another state that has tough illegal immigration laws. During the period that it went into effect, Arkansas became a safe haven or sanctuary for illegals aliens.

Secure Arkansas is currently collecting signatures for a ballot proposal amending the state constitution to deny state services to most illegal immigrants. One of their concerns is the drain illegal immigrants has had on the state's coffers. During these days of tight financing, providing such services to illegals overwhelms the taxpayer.

When such actions are being considered that affects such a large number of people, you have a pro and con side of the issues. In this case, the opposition to having laws similar to Arizona is a group called the Arkansas Friendship Coalition. The A.F.C. was formed to oppose any laws that targets illegals. They foresee such laws or legislation to legalize racial profiling. Another group that said it would oppose such laws within the state, is the state chapter of the League of United Latin American Citizens, or LULAC.

Both groups feel that actions governing such laws should rest on the shoulders of the federal government, and not the states individually. One of the reasons the State of Arizona created such legislation is that the federal government is failing in this area of their responsibilities.

The Last Partner has long thought that illegal immigrants were a major concern to our country and our country's economy in that commonly they join our work forces at lower wages, taken on employment that a legal citizen should be performing. Whether that employee be a natural American or not. It would not be so bad a problem if the large corporations and companies would enforce the intention that all its employees are legal citizens of this country. As long as they sanction such practices similar to this, the problem will never be resolved.

Contrary to our nation's policies, the Mexican government has been in the news condemning such practices as sending their own citizens back where they came from. Mexico. I believe that this is because we are getting a large number of their criminals elements. You know the violent domestic abusers and drug peddlers. The Mexican government should be held accountable for its non-existing support of this problem. That might reduce some of the financial burden to the American taxpayer.

Do not get me wrong, I am not against the Mexicans, prejudice or biased against their race. If the problem was reversed I feel then that our government should be held accountable. My Hispanic associates believe this also. If they want to come over here, get the proper authorization.

To ease up on the problem of illegal aliens, the president wants to offer amnesty. If all of the states bordering (including) Mexico would adopt and enforce similar imigration laws, we would not have to increase our number of border patrols, and we would more or less see the deportation numbers drop. This might even shut down some drug cartels if background checks are performed prior too crossing the border.

Tell those wishing to come and live in the United States to get their green card, apply for citizenship and follow this country's laws. Then we can welcome them with open arms.

This is the voice of the Last Partner.

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