Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday April 16, 2010 It's The Tea Party Again

The Tea Party was a headliner for our local paper. They held rallies across the nation to garner support for their "no taxes" campaign on a date should to get publicized - National Tax Day. They believe that President Obama is going to turn this nation into a Socialist country by placing the government mostly in charge of our lives. The things that determine if we can survive or not. I.e., health care reform.

There are many times when I do not agree with some of the federal policies, and I reflect this at the polls when I vote. I understand that there are years when we have to have a low tax increase, and then there are times for a higher tax increase. I have never seen any plan go as foreseen. Yeah, it might start out the way we want, but we have to be prepared to make adjustments as necessary. When these changes come about, it is not an outright lie, it is a necessity. There are variables that can not be controlled by prior planning.

I sit back, like many people, and observe what is going on in the political arena s to how it might affect me and my family.  Most often, I will change the channel or turn the page, but ever now and then the subject will have my full attention.

I am being drawn in now because of the words "Tea Party" which takes me to Boston harbor. Wasn't that over taxes too? Over political control f a new nation? Are we going back over issues that we have tackled before? Of course, being at a different place in time, the semblance stops there. The steps being taken are just as radical as it was then, but the steps that are being taken now are different.

I am trying to figure out why a state that has an abled security force like the National Guard would need a state-sanctioned militia, like the one being requested in Oklahoma. What would justify such a thing? They talk about standing up to the government over such laws or policies that govern, say, health care.

As I have said in another blog, I am not politically minded or a professional, just a citizen voicing the views of one man - the Last Partner. Can you enlighten me as to why I should support the ideals of the Tea Party?How would it benefit the country, or me as an individual?

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