Tuesday, April 13, 2010

They Stand Alone - Love - Carolyn And Angela

The Last Partner thinks back:

It is hard to describe how my relationship with Carolyn and Angela started or ended. It seemed like it was destiny or fate that pulled us together. With Carolyn it was stupidity, not being able to handle my liquor intake, and embarassing myself in front of all the females in her family that ended us.

Fate. While waiting at the bus stop in the town where Carolyn stayed, there was an elder man heading to Dallas. He could not stand my friend Vincent, who was heading to Dallas also. The man tricked Vincent into peeking at a clock through the back door of a hospital close by. While he was doing that, the man named off seven females to me, and asked which one I wanted to talk to. At first I told him none, but he kept on until I picked one. He always said them in the same order, so I chose the first one. Carolyn.

He had a unique description for her and her family. "Let me tell you about Carolyn," he said. "Her father is a preacher, and her mother is old fashioned. She is still in school, so since it is this late, you might not be able to talk right now, but here is her number just in case."

Her mother answered the telephone, and surprisingly, she let me speak with her. Carolyn thought I was one of her classmates playing a trick on her. That is, until I handed her uncle the telephone.

Carolyn sent me a picture after she started believing me, and I gave her my address on post. She was beautiful and 15 years old. Her father, the pastor, was kool. I just had to meet her mother's approval. That took about three visits. What was the capper, was that our birthdays were the same date.

This story is rather long, so I am going to shorten it.

During our relationship, I hung out with her brother, Joe, a deejay, and her brother-in-law, Derry, the black sheep of the family. I believe my downfall with Carolyn started the night she wanted to have sex on her couch in the den, while her parents were a few feet away in another room. I just couldn't do it. I tried talking her into going to a motel room, but she was scared that someone that knows her family will see her, and tell her parents.

This is around the time period she began seeing someone else behind my back. I found out one night when I showed up unexpectantly. Of all the nerve, she tried to introduce me to him, but I blew it off and left.

One weekend I showed  up for a visit hanging out with Joe and Derry. I got drunk and went to Carolyn's house to speak to her mother about my relationship with her. All of her sisters and mother gathered in the dining room and listened to a drunk fool cry, and just outright embarass himself.

While my son and I visited her sister in Louisiana, or it might of been on the phone, I learned that her mother thought that I had a drinking problem and did not want to see us together. I will admit that I did drink a lot back then, but I did not have a care in the world. It was just me, myself and I. Every time I visited we got drunk, or was drinking, so I can see why she thought this. But I have never had a problem with drinking.

It was during this time that I met Angela. I was just hanging out with a couple of friends, because I was being reassigned to Germany in 5 months. Anyway, we met two girls that were driving around, and Pearl talked them into parking. There were two females and three males, so I called myself dropping out. Let them get together.

Funny thing about women. They tend to think that if a man is quiet around them, he is a challenge for them. They talked for about thirty minutes with my friends getting addresses and phone numbers. Angela made sure that Malveaux brought me alone. She would call our unit and talk to me. In no certain terms she made it clear that she wanted to be with me. I told her that I would be leaving the country in five months, she understood, and said that she did not care. She just wanted to be with me. That made me feel good.

Things were going good right from the start. We mingled with each other's friends, we dedicated songs on the radio, and got together every chance we cold. One of my friend got married one night and I supplied the music. Angela and I had a good time until (I was drinking) a male friend of hers started paying too much attention to her, and I went ballistic. Jealousy and liquor do not go together. Now I have learned.

I got so into Angela, that I asked her to marry me. She said yes. After I spent about five months in Germany, I was hit hard by culture shock. Her aunt had her to call me to see if I still wanted to get married or she was going to college. I was a little crazed, it was around 5:30 am, and she was pushing me into a corner. I pushed back and called things off.

Angela never knew what she did wrong until my visit to Louisiana in 2006. I felt shame as I explained it in just a few words. Two actually. Drunk and jealousy.

So says the Last Partner.

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