Wednesday, April 7, 2010

In-Between - Search For True Love

First love . . . true love . . . friends . . . best friend. How can you say that my first girlfriend was my love? I do not believe that this is the case. At such a young age all you are doing is testing the waters before your boat set sail. As Earth, Wind & Fire said, "yearning and learning." Now you break up.

You broke up. How do you feel? How long did the hurt last? For me, it was just until the next girlfriend. After Bonita, there was Sherrie, Queen, Stephanie, Vicki, Sherry and Pam. I met Carolyn and Angela while I was stationed in Louisiana. They each found a spot in my heart that the other could not take, but only one can have the whole heart, overlaying all other. This is your first love. Your true love, and if you are lucky, your soul mate.

Friendship is what Bonita and I shared. Everlasting. We grew up together. Queen just happened. Stephanie, well, we never got anywhere. To me, she was like "homely girl" by the Chi-lites. She grew into a beautiful high yellow woman. Vicki was soft like marshallmellows, The Sherries and Pam, I was drawn to their big breast. Love'em.

The next young lady I met when I was 16 years old. Her name is Marie. Next blog.

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