Thursday, April 15, 2010

Are You Ready To Go With Jesus?

One has to wonder about the fate of the world today. There are a few more major tradegies than in the past, and there is a great number of people dying in each instance. We got tsunamis and earthquakes above 5 on the riechter scale with after-shocks almost as strong. People are dying by the hundreds in some cases, and literally, thousands in others.

Are you going to be ready to go with Jesus? Hmmm.

It brings my mind to a place where I have to ask, "what is going on?" Are the armies of heaven and hell growing, or is it just one of the other. Where is the population swelling and continuing to grow?

Between nature and untreatable diseases, we are leaving here. for sho. I have not studied the bible in years, but when I do read I am always drawn to "Revelations." How things are going to be. But it does not tell us when, just the signs to watch for. People has tried to decipher this over the ages, and can not agree how to interpet it.

Frankly, though, if you are a faithful follower of Jessus Christ, when the Lord comes back, he will take you with him. Whether you awake or sleep. One thing he does guarantee, is that it will not be expected.  If you watch for indicaters, old Satan will mislead you and guide you in the wrong direction. Away from Christ. Missing your first chance to go with Jesus.

The reason I make it sound like you will have more than one chance, is because on his return, the faithfull will be taken, and the rest will be left behind where Satan is to rule for a thousand years. How many refugees, yes, refugees, will try to come to the light? Another question is, are you going to be ready for his return or are you planning to vacation until he comes again? Think about this: Jesus speaks of a second coming, and the battle between heaven and hell with Satan ruling in-between. No place does he say he will make a third coming before the battle. Hmmm. So are you going to be leaving on the first and only train. or will you wait until the board says delayed, to be determined or cancelled?

One final thought. Things are happening so fast all around us: tsunami, earthquakes, diseases and war. Do you think that it Jesus or Satan filling their ranks for what's to come? The Last Partner thinks that you need to be ready.

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