Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Legalization Of Marijuania - The Last Partner Thinks

The Last Partner thinks, "Hell, yeah. Legalize marijuania" . . . mary jane . . . chronic. If you could get Mary out of the dark places she is known to travel, and put her on the street. With her being able to walk the streets in the light, I think that would bring the prison population down. I do not think that would reduce major crimes though, but maybe some of the minor ones.

Treat Mary like you treat Jack Daniels: place limitations on it, and have laws in place to govern what will make having it a crime. You know, like when a person buys a large amount of liquor, they are probably boot-legging it during times or restricted area where it is against the law to purchase. I.e., selling liquor on Sundays, or selling in a dry county. Have governmentally licensed pushers, er, I mean, distributors.

True, it has medicinal qualities, but it also have some very harmfull side effects. It can put you in a dream-like state where you would do some irrational things. I.e., speeding through residental areas, misjudging time and distance, paranoid states, etc. People has been known to take unnecessary risk that has either gotten them killed or someone else killed.

Back in the 1980's it was rumored that the government had warehouses of packaged marijuania, like cigarettes, and were prepared for the day that Mary became legal. I have never believed this, but on one level it would make sense. Regulate Mary the same way they regulate cigarettes and alcohol combined. Somewhere on Earth, it would force dealers and suppliers out of a job, or treat it like a nine to five. Can you imagine that? Me, neither.

On the real? Marijuania will never be legalized during my children's life. Yeah. Today that is what the Last Partner thinks.

What do you think?

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