Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How Subtle Does Subtle Have To Be Before It Becomes Direct

Just how subtle does subtle have to be before it becomes direct? Am I paranoid to believe that there is a conspiracy happening in the American society, or am I placing things out of their textual meaning?

As I have stated in an earlier blog, I am not a professional in any subject, but my perceptions may be more than paranoia. When I read in the newspaper that there is a group called the Tea Party wanting to start a militia because of the turn the government is taking with its policies. Is this where we want to be at? Suspecting our government of undermining the principles that built this country?

I am not knowledgeable when it comes to politics, but I always thought that the people in Washington represented the personality of its people as a collective. One goal, one purpose. Then why is it that we as a people can be so torn that we'd rather see a country divided rather than unified in its efforts for a better tomorrow?

Ever since Obama began his campaign for President, it seems that at every opportunity someone is throwing race into the face of the Americian people where it doesn't belong. The Presidency is about the people, the health care of our nation is about the people, education is about the people; however, the war in the Middle East is about none of these. It is about oil, it is about religion, and it involves racial differences. Not that of the American people, but of a people that view all outside of its cult, its race to be a threat to their way of life.

One can not achieve its goal by bullying someone on this level. There will be no winner, unless it can be resolved in a way that satisfy all parties involved. Is there one solution for this? If it is, it will not be revealed for years to come. Then the real work for peace will begin. It will not be an easy road to travel.

I am going to close this by reminding you, the reader, that I am just a citizen, professional only in living, and this is just one man views on today.

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