Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Tea Party Movement, The Last Partner Thinks

The Last Partner is in the process of researhing "The TEA Party Movement" as it concerns me. As I have stated before, I am not a political professional, just a concerned citizen sharing his opinions.

The TEA Party caught my attention when I read in the local newspaper that they were trying to get a state-approved militia, because of their concern on where the government is taking this country. Each state (Oklahoma) has its own protection with the National Guard. The article was written in such a way that it felt like a threat, like they want to take on the United States government when they disagree with their handling of this country's domestic policies. Hopefully, this isn't so. Maybe they have the answers to this country's problems. Hmmm.

I just read on one of the TEA Party's affiliate web page/blog about a protest in Texas where someone hollered to Governor to secede. Like other states, the Texas Governor has to decide whether or not to accept the stimulus package offered. Some of the states has declined from taking it.

It seems to me that in the past Texas had considered seceding from the union. To be its own country. So what that person hollered at the governor was not a new inclination. In the last couple of decades (Texas) there has been racial incidents where afro-americans were killed; a town there where if you are black or an "other" you were going to be stopped and fined, possibly even jailed. I do not remember the name of the town, just that it was national news.

I had mentioned in another blog about the levels of national incidents involving race seemed to have increased. Not in any one particular state. If it was not race-related  someone would try to disguise it as such. The last couple of years these incidents have become more political in nature. State officials are openly voicing their opposition to the Federal Administration's ways of taking care of business. Is this because we now have an Afro-American sitting in the White House? That the most powerfull person on the planet is Afro-American? Do they feel that he is a threat to their way of life? Or are they really concerned about the country being micro-managed?

The TEA Party has some similarity to what one thinks of when he thinks about the Klan or KKK. Their members as represented in the news, are upperly mobile caucasians (white) average age of 45, married and has higher education. Only difference, it is said that they have afro-american members. Not that many though.

They seem to fall in line with a feeling I have had for a number of years now. They (KKK) have not been that active on the national circuit for a while now. Did they decide to take a covert stance? Are they now sitting in positions of influence with the power to change life as we know it? I mean positions like: major companies CEO/President, city officials, congressman, aides in Congress, and etc. That's the power I am speaking of.

Training wise, some are getting the best terroristic training in the world in the United States military. I believe I read that either online or in a newspaper. When I was stationed in Louisiana, in the 1980's, we had to go to Mississippi to train and evaluate the Alabama National Guard. Each platoon was assigned one regular Army NCO trainer. The platoon I was tasked to had a soldier who told me that he could not associate or talk to me, because he was a klansman. So this has been going on for a while. Back on target.

I am curious about the TEA Party, its idealogy, and goals. I want to know if they are racially motivated, or actually concerned about our country's welfare. I also wonder how much of the information I have about them is proproganda. Time will tell as their ranks are growing, and they are becoming more powerful politically. They will be a power to reckon with.

This has been some Thoughts from the Last Partner.

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