Monday, April 19, 2010

On Camera: Cops, Bait Car, World Wildest Police Videos, Repo - The Police

Every day I watch Cops, Bait Car, World's Wildest Police Videos, or Operation Repo. One thing I have noticed, along with my father, is that if these shows are real, why are the suspects that give no resistance, get their ass whipped by the police, and that is as far as it goes? It's on camera, you know.

I am not down-playing the role that policemen play in our society, but is this something staged or just being overlooked? Officers place their lives on the line daily, but these shows leave a little to be desired. It makes it seem like brutality is an accepted norm, when we know its not. I saw one guy that was holding hostages talked into surrendering, he came out with his hands up, and once the hostages were safe, they tackled  him. Slammed him into the ground. Okay, he had hostages, but he was surrendering to the police.

There were some where they had no choice but to slam them. They were resisting arrest, and not cooperating. A few times there were physical altercation where the officers were assisted by civilians or a private citizen. There is nothing wrong with someone like this getting their ass kicked. Off camera that is. But this is not what I am talking about. Just the times where the suspect is not resisting and get slammed.

The video camera is such a wonderful thing. I just love watching how stupid some folks can be. Like those that know they have a billion dollars worth of drugs, lie to the cops about it, then let them find it in plain sight. Some are obvious hiding their drugs under the seat, in the ash tray, in their crouch or in the glove compartment. Going to the back of the car as ordered, then either dropping it on the ground and kicking it under the car, or throw it into the ditch or woods beside them.

There was some that were placed in the cruiser and verbalized what they have done, or their plans to get out of being arrested. Did they not know or see the video camera recording them. They also did this on . . .

Bait Car should be a comedy. Some of the circumstances are just hysterical watching how the suspect case out the vehicle, and the conversations they have after stealing the vehicle. In one episode a young man discussed with his partner in crime the alibi he was giving for being in the vehicle. Good samaritan taking the "abandoned" car to the police station.

Bait Car. The police take the car to a designated location, like a high crime area for auto theft, park it, and watch it untill someone takes it. They let them take the vehicle, drive it away, and with a computerized remote, they shut the car down and lock them inside. One time before anyone got in the car, a woman and man scoping it out talked about it might be a bait car. Lucky for her, someone stole it before she did.

Quick question: how many cities use bait cars to catch auto thieves without the public knowing that they use bait cars? More often than not, one criminal puts something like this into the criminal grapevine.

Operation Repo. This show can be nothing but staged. The different situations they place themselves in can be nothing but staged. My favorite was the car that got repo-ed on their wedding day, and the bride not knowing the groom had not been paying on his note in seven months. The bride went off on the groom and the repo team. It ended with the repo team driving the car away while being chased by the bride.

They regularly put themselves in harm's way, cussing and fighting to get the repo-ed item. The way they confront people, they seem more like thieves trying to con a person out of the item. It looks like they love confrontations. The Repo Team arrives wherever the vehicle is parked, and try to just take the vehicle without talking to the customer/owner first. They never go to a location with a police escort. They wait until there is blood, someone is hurt before involving the law. They live for the confrontation, thinking that they are untouchable.

The Last Partner thinks that Operation Repo is just that, a show. Cops is for real and has a hell of an editor. Most times they get their man.

World Wildest Police Videos shows us what the camera sees in actual situations. Road blocks, chases, gang activity, road stops, shootings, etc. There has been at least two shows where the officer was shot, shot at,  or had to shoot their weapons. There are not too many words that can completely describe the bravery of these officers and their families. They are  in a combat zone on a daily basis. My hat is off to them.

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