Tuesday, May 4, 2010

History Revisited: The Hispanic Emancipation

Doesn't the immigration issue today remind you of the years the Afro-American people had to fight for their rights to be called an American citizen? The biggest difference being that the Afro-Americans were brought here from abroad, but the Hispanics came here willingly, walking across the border. The Afro-American had no rights, no basic citizen benefits. The Hispanic, however, is receiving state benefits, gainful employment, and they have a voice we did not have.

They have the nation divided, and they are screaming loudly. Much like the North and South during the Civil War, somebody wants to be free. In this case some are saying, "deport the illegals", while the other side is saying, "it is cruel and inhuman to single out one race and send them away from a land proud to be a Democracy." A land built on immigrants. Actually, this country was built on the blood of a people that did not choose to be here. Today, however, they are proud of their people's contributions to the society of a great nation that once look down upon them.

Is this where we have come to, revisiting our past, but with different players, but no bloodshed? Yet. Between immigration laws and the health reform, we are a nation torn.

My opinion is to send the illegals back to Mexico, the ones that are not willing to comply with the laws of this land, and become legal. The ones that cross the border day and night putting our border patrol in harm's way. The ones that have violence in their past, or since they have been here.

This is one issue that is going to linger for years, just like the civil rights movement. Since we are unable to avoid it, maybe this one will get resolved to the people's satisfaction.

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