Thursday, May 13, 2010

Arizona: A Nation Of One - Will Illegal Immigration Bring Down A Nation?

Slavery divided a young nation causing a civil war between its Northern and Southern states. Will illegal immigration pit a nation or even the world community wholly against a state over a mirror law?

It has long been illegal to be in the United States without the proper documentation, just as it is in almost every nation around the world. The only difference here is that it affects a people that is making a contribution to a nation whose ancestry can be traced to where they come from.

There are individuals, nations, and now the second largest city in the nation, Los Angeles, boycotting Arizona over a law that appears to be bias and discriminatory toward the largest group of illegals in any nation. Hispanics. Racial profiling is nothing new, and never has it gotten so much publicity until now. Why?

With Los Angeles it is simple: it was practically built by Hispanics and has legalized Hispanics, called Mexican-Americans, governing it. True, their ancestors were immigrants, but were they here illegally? Most undoubtedly they were not. They lived and worked here following the laws of this nation.

I have nothing against my Hispanic and Latino brothers and sisters, I just want them to follow the same laws that I have to. It is a problem meeting someone that does not speak the national language, drive illegally, were criminals in their country now continuing their practice here, and do not contribute financially to a system that supports them.

Someone has to take the first step, and Arizona is being penalized for doing just that, taking the first step toward controlling illegal immigration. It seems that everyone is willing to fault a state on a racial issue when it has been known to object to such things as celebrating Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday.

To the individual state and federal governments, just because popular belief and foreign pressures are forcing you to take action against one of your own, you need to realize that the step Governor Brewer has taken was much needed at this time of political, financial, and terrorist concerns.

If similar action is not taken at minimum by the states bordering Mexico, follow by neighboring states, we may see times worse than Birmingham, Memphis, and Chicago where our nation encountered racial unrest. The problem is going to escalate spreading into the states that do not have similar legislation in place. Look at the statistics following Oklahoma implementing their immigration law.

Some people (politicians included) are comparing Arizona’s action to Adolph Hitler in his treatment of Jews. I compare checking a suspected illegal alien of their resident status to being in Germany where you had to produce military ID, passport and/or a visa when requested by the German police. It is a necessary measure that everyone will have to get used to.

In closing, think about this, in George Lopez’s HBO show, "George Lopez: Tall, Dark, & Chicano," he jokes about immigration laws. He said something to the effect that in five years when the Hispanic and Latinos are the majority, when police pulls over or stop a white person they will be asked for their license, registration, and proof of citizenship. With the illegal population growing, it just might come to be.

Look around, the Hispanics and Latinos are becoming the new majority.

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