Sunday, May 16, 2010

Un-Concealed Weapon - Daze Of The Gunslinger Returning?

Concealment, that is what a concealed weapon license requires of its holder. In order to receive a concealed license you must have training on the type of gun you are registering. I.e., a revolver or a semi-automatic. You can not be a felon, that is a big no-no. What is the problem?

There are states that are trying to pass legislation to allow weapons to be worn publicly, and not concealed. They think that this will be a deterent to crime, and make it safer for their citizens. How will they control who is carrying a weapon legally, and who is not? Will law enforcement have itchy trigger fingers because they will not be able to tell the criminal from the victim or potential victim?

When I read this in the newspaper about the Oklahoma Governor vetoe-ing such passage allowing citizens to carry weapons publicly, I was filled with concern. They have around 95,000 people with a concealed license, and estimate that only about ten per cent actually carry one on them. State representatives (both houses) are planning to try to override the governor's veto.

If such a law was passed, I believe that more people would began carrying their guns. Both registered and non-registered. It'll be like returning to the old west where you could not tell who were criminal until they committed a crime. People, especially the young and inexperienced, may see this as an opportunity to flex a little muscle, or a place to hide in the open before and after they commit a crime. Others not registered, having not gone through any type of training, might feel that they will need to start carrying because they feel threaten seeing all of the people wearing guns.

I am a licensed concealed weapons holder, and if such a law was in effect in Arkansas, it would make me nervous. Being an Army veteran, I have had more weapons training, and trained more people with weapons usage than most people I meet. I have also been robbed by two young black males. One with what looked like a shotgun in the dark. The front door of my home was smashed by a "friend" strung out on crack cocaine. He threatened me and put a gun in my wife's face. Fortunately for him, I was not near any of the weapons in my house. His pistol was a pellet gun, but point blank range it is still capable of killing.

So, returning to the days of the gunslinger is an option I do not want to see.

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