Monday, May 17, 2010

Palin, Palin, Palin - Why Forth Art Thou, Palin

Where there is national happenings you can bet that certain people will add their two cents. The Reverend Al Sharpton will be wherever there is a racial injustice, as one perceived  so profoundly as the immigration law passed by Arizona Governor Brewer. This man has had a presence since the days of marches and boycotts with Martin Luther King Jr. So,  his presence here is expected. But Sarah Palin?

Palin, Palin, Sarah Palin, why forth art thou involved? It seems that every time there is something negative reflecting on the Barack Administration, you are one of the first to open their mouth to criticize. No one can deny that enforcing our immigration laws should be a federal matter, but why do you feel that it is your job to help make it a point? The migration of illegals into the United States is not new, and discouraging illegal aliens, deporting them, does not seem to work on any level. It has gone on for far too long.

You agree with the actions of Governor Brewer, and I do too, but do you feel that this will help clear you a path to the White House? Do you really believe that Governor Brewer took the appropriate action to bring this problem to the American people and the world?

Everyone is attacking Governor Brewer and the state of Arizona. Arizona's own cities, their neighboring states, neighboring nation, and different public figures and celebrities here and abroad.

Do you think, Ms. Palin, that Mexico is upset because it is targeting their native people, or is the Mexican government mad that they may no longer have a way to get rid of its undesirables? That it will cut off its drug cartels pipeline into the United States? Hmmm, loss of finances.

Ms Palin, do you feel that this is a national or international matter? Mexico has no business trying to get involved in the internal affairs of another nation. Our nation. Your actions on this matter may decide your political future. Is this your thoughts too? Going from speaking to a group of hunters to getting in the political spotlight as just a window of opportunity to keep your name in the American people's mind.

This is just my opinion of your involvement.

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