Monday, May 17, 2010

Another Arkansas County Considers Ordinances Banning Of K2 (Spice)

Sebastian County in Arkansas is the latest in the state to consider banning the purchase, possession and sale of K2. K2, currently,is a legal substance sold in  various stores and by retailers nationwide. The substance is packaged and marketed as an incense and labeled not for human consumption, and gives its users a marijuana-like high when it is smoked.

Unlike marijuana and other drugs, there is no known method of detection to identify its use in individuals. The long term effects are unknown, but is potentially dangerous to those that use it. If the ordinance is passed, punishment will be the same as other counties, municipalities and states that have outlawed K2. Violation will be a misdemeanor, and upon conviction will carry a fine up to $1000, and/or confinement up to one year. Law enforcement officials and legislators have indicated that banning K2 within the state will be under consideration in its January session.

As of date, there has been one incident in their neighboring county in Oklahoma where a driver involved in an automobile accident was alleged to have been under K2's influence.

At the current rate waves of ordinances are going in place to control K2, the federal government will have to pursue banning K2 and Spice on the national level. However, in the meantime local and state officials are taking action to protect their citizens.

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