Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Have Something To Tell You And Only You

I Have Something To Tell You And Only You

In the Army, I was stationed in Germany from 1983 until 1991. I married a German lady in January 1987, and I thought this was the place to be. My brother, Matthew "Midnight", Last Partner 3, was stationed there also for about 3 of my 7.5 years. It was party time. Let me tell you and only you this . . .

I do have something to tell you, and only you, for now. Keep reading.

We had plenty of free time to visit each other. Midnight was about an hour away from me, so we got to hook up, party, and do some of the things we could not do in the United States. I took him to see his first nude swimming area in a big construction pit. There was not too many clubs that we did not hit.

We would go to an Imbiss Stand drink a few beer, eat a bratwurst or two. Next we visited a medium size pub where people were dancing, drinking, and having a good time. Kool. We were on a trim hunt. Looking for da booty. Final destination Hanau and Giessen. The Big Apple night club.

There was plenty of autobahn in-between that the car pedal never left the floor. 80 - 90 - 100 - 105 - 106. Damn. My GTI just couldn't take me higher. Zooming down the road, one night, we were passed quite a few times. No problem. Not until two cars passed us, got side-by-side, taking up both lanes, and slowed down, blocking us.

I noticed that this seemed to happen a lot. Daytime. Night-time. Open road or in the cities, they were intentionally messing with the Americans. I told my wife about it, and she laughed, saying that I was crazy. No one was playing a game like this.

One weekend, one of her German friends asked her to ride with her to take her brother down.south to his home. This was not a problem. Her friend was good people. The brother drove the entire way to his house. Autobahn all the way. Every time he came up behind a car with American license plates, he would pass them, then slow down. Oh, did I not say, he was laughing.

When she told me this apologizing, I tripped. But there was nothing I could do about it. Here is the secret.

It seems the same game is being played out here in the United States. Cars are traveling at the speed limit, and you are pacing them. Going the same speed, when the vehicle in front of you slows down causing you to do the same. When you attempt to pass them, they appear to speed up trying to stop you from passing them. Cars in front of me has slowed down to 10 miles below the limit. As I attempt to go around them, I'm speeding up, but I can not pass. Not because of another vehicle, accident or police, it's a 4-lane highway.

After I pass them, they stay with me for a few seconds, then start getting smaller in rearview mirror. Looking at the speedometer, cruise control has me still at the speed limit.

So, is there a game being played on our streets and highway? Pay attention to this the next few days. You might be surprised. Maybe next time I will let you in on near misses and a curfew. Maybe. The Last Partner.

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