Friday, March 19, 2010

What Do You Know? The Last Partner's Thoughts

Well, what do you know about anything? What qualifies you as an expert on this particular subject? Or as a friend says, "what the hell?" "Are you sure about that?" What a can of worms we open when we speak our mind about something, hmmm?Is there any correct answer to the infinite data our brains strive to digest? It depends.

At least once a week, I am going to try to answer these questions, and more here in this blog. Keep in mind that everything I speak about will be what I know, or have an opinion about in this world of ours. If you subscribe to the One Man Views blog/feed, one day your questions might be answered. You will at minimum get my view, and in the comments even more people views.

So, the Last Partner ask, what do you know?

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