Thursday, March 25, 2010

Past Vs Future - Are We Moving Forward Or Backwards

The Last Partner's thinks . . .

I have made it a purpose to hide from the sadness in the world. I would not watch local or national news on TV, and I would only read specific items in the newspaper, the comics, obituary and bankruptcies. I had  had enough stress while I was in the Army. Why? Is this the past or future? Are we moving forward or backward? Old becoming new.

I spent my last seven years stationed in Germany in a world so much different than here. One structured, controlled by both military standards and U.S. government on international relations. Anything negative that we were involved in reflected on us not as indiviuals, but as a country. So, as you enjoyed yourself during your free time, you had to stay on your p's and q's. This is timeless, moving on.

I heard about the number of people here being homeless growing, about the rise in drug usage, new drugs, and gang rivalry. I did not know what to expect when I was released, but what I saw frightened me. So my BFF was Smitty Wee, my brand new .357 magnum pistol. Seven inch for less kick. I over-reacted.

As the years have passed there has been many things that made me feel like we are headed backwards to old issues. Instead of lynching, there are drive-bys. Instead of a group of Klansmen rallying at your house, dragging you or your loved one out in the middle of the night, there are, well, back to the drive-bys. The colors back during Civil War was blue and gray, North versus the South. In more recent years it is still blue and the gray has changed to red, the East - West wars . East Coast Hip Hop versus West(side) Coast Hip Hop.

Prejudice back in the day was obvious - black versus white. The Afro-Americans were the target. Today, the United States is more diversified. Blacks versus Whites versus Asian versus Mexican or Hispanics. Some cases it is mixed, equal opportunity at its worse.

As time progressed on, the hoods of the Klan came off and they were not afraid to show where their pride lies. As they have had less public appearances, it feels like they are gathering in force in key places of power. A long range plan structured toward white supremacy. I mean, just imagine who or what positions combined could return us to that time period. I.e., leaders of industry, politicians, law enforcement, military, etc.

Over the past decade, racial tension has been rising in some of the same issues of old. Controversial subjects like the rebel flag flying over a capitol building, segregation in some school districts, congressmen lobbying to change or modify laws that has advanced this country into becoming a true nation of the people, for the people, by the people.

At a time when a historical president needs support to accomplish part of the dream, he has to battle old and new people representative to this nation's traditions. We can not keep making everything racial. Yes, it may be a factor, but do not use it just because the president is black. You have better things to do to make the U.S. great, why not do that.

I have heard many people complaining about illegal immigrants, hell, I have complained too. Not because they are Hispanic, because the energy being used to combat this issue is time and money that can be used to improve this country. Their population is growing, and the government do not know how to control it or get a count.

I joke about this some times. The way they are increasing, and spreading out nationally, they want their land back . . . with interest. Remember the Alamo. Yeah, the Alamo.

Speaking of conflicts. During the 1960's and early 1970's, we were involved in the Viet Nam war. I am still trying to figure out why we were there. Today, we have Americans in both Afghanistan and Iraq, and just before that, we were in Kuwait. All over some fossil fuel control. That same crude oil made this one of the richest land on the planet. Getting them there was a hard decision for our president and congress, once the decision is made to bring them home is made, the hard part will be getting them home, and caring for them.

How do I feel? Do I indorse such a thing? I can not articulate what I think or feel about it. Some of the brave people that have gone or is there now I knew. Not the way most people did/do. I trained them or trained with them. I knew their spouses and dependents. Some of their faces will never leave me. Not even if I want them to.

There are many more similarities I could compare, but won't today. The Last Partner is tired.

Keep in mind that I am not a professional in any specialty, so this is not facts that have been researched. It is just one man's view. The view of the Last Partner.

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