Saturday, March 27, 2010

PERCEPTIONS - Are We - Family, Friend Or Foe

Thinking about one person view another ... normally the people that thinks the worst of you, know the lest about you...sad when it is family. Since I have minimum contact with certain people for different reasons, there are a variety of opinions about me. What I need to know though, is "are we family, friend, or foe?"

I tend to be a loner, because: 1. most of my old crew either do drugs or are ghost; 2. being surrounded by people I do not know causes anxiety, but being center stage doesn't; 3. preconceived notions by others or myself for others; and 4. conflict of interest mixed with avoidance.

If I am wronged by a person, family member or otherwise, I have no need to be around that person and feel bad. Nor do I wish to force someone to accept my values or views. However, I would appreciate being treated the way I treat you.

Think about something. If you have treated me a certain way for years, I do not expect you to change. But I do expect understanding of the way I feel. In your eyes when I or someone in my family has committed the same offense as you or another family member close to you have, why is mine the worst of the two evils? I treat you with respect, and try to see your point of view, why can you not do the same?

No, I do not think that I am better than you, because I have reliable means of transportation, I have a happy marriage, special kids that I am very proud of, that I do not have to ask you for help or support, but just for your love, nor do I speak badly of you. If you ask something of me that I can do or help you with you know I will.

This is not aimed at any one person or family, but if you see yourself, well .... the Last Partner has spoken.

This is just my point of view.

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