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If I Told You A Secret, Would You Tell?? - The Last Partner

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Hey, I am back to chat. Yesterday, I went to my paternal Grandmother's house for the first time since her funeral in November. I could not stay in her house no longer than 5 minutes on that day. I stayed for over an hour yesterday.

I talked to my dad's only sister, who lives there now. She came home to Grandma's over two years ago from Jasper, Florida. She was overwhelmed initially, I believe, when she got there because she found that she also had to take care of one of her seven remaining brothers. Uncle Bob Cat.

Bob Cat had been bed ridden before Auntty got there. Unable to walk, or talk, and his bottom lip had become so engorged, it hung down to his chin. Then it got to where Auntty was unable to maintain the kind of care needed for both mother and brother, Uncle Bob Cat was placed in a Rehab Center where he could be assisted 24/7. Of course, she consulted with her brothers before taking any major actions.

I am not going to go into anything personal that has no meaning to anyone but me.

Uncle Bob Cat told me that e had just gotten out of rehab a few weeks ago after staying there for one year. As his lip shrunk, and he regained control over his body, he would be taken or would go by himself to the smoking area. Back there along one of the walls, it was brown, as if someone was trying to burn it. The Rehab Center pointed their finger at him.

My Aunt, being his power of attorney, received a telephone call late in the afternoon from the Center. They told her that she had 30 minutes to pickup Bob Cat. He had to go. He tried to burn down the Center.

"Can you believe that? Right now, I can barely remember my name. I think that is because of the medicines they put you on. That's another story" he said to me.

"Anyway, I told them, hell, I'm a Thompson, I wouldn't do anything like that, but if I wanted to, I'm a country boy, hell, I know how to build a fire. This mutha fucker would not be here. Can you believe them?"

"They told me I had 30 minutes to get out. They kicked me out. I told them M.F.s that I needed to get my clothes. They told me 'you don't have time. We will pack your things into a box and ship it to you'. They would not give me time to pack my damn clothes, ha, ha."

There were other things that we talked about, but I thought this was funny. Wouldn't even give him time to pack. That was just down right cold-blooded.

Auntty and I talked in the front room about how things were going since grandma passed. It was going pretty good for them. Her kids either had a job or was in school. Kids are growing up. We talked about my daughter and her grand-daughter, who are both 11 years old, starting to look more mature. How we need to keep an eye on them and boys.

"That is why I got a brand new 30.06 rifle with scope. Gut’s to make sure I hit my mark." I joked with her. "And I have my pistols to protect my son. No, I am not being a hypocrite. I'm versatile like that."

Truth be told, I feel whole and able to be the protector of my family. I trained for over 12 years to defend, kill only if necessary. Go on the offensive in situations where I must act fast and first, or be killed. Over 12 years of government training to kill in the name of our country enforcing freedom so that the world can live in peace. I mean, defending freedom to preserve the peace.

Since 1990, I have been trying to find ways to be able to perform the jobs I trained for. That is hard when you are mobility impaired because of your knees, yea, that was my biggest problem. I feared that being placed in a situation where to live you must be able to depend on your buddy to the left and right of you. They got your back, and you have theirs. If I failed to act with the team, then someone was going to be killed. Maybe even me. I would not have been able to live with myself going in knowing that I could not do my job. The chances of this actually happening were too great to ignore.

That is one secret that only a handful of people knew. To others who did not believe there was a medical reason holding me back or preventing me from physically doing my job, thought that I was a coward. It's been hard just dealing with not being there.

Funny, huh, going from talking about family and ending up talking about the military. Not too many people know that this is the real, but I do.

The Last Partner wants to know . . .

                                                          If I told you a secret, would you tell?

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