Monday, March 22, 2010

America One Big Family - The Last Partner

For the life of me, I can not fathom why our country is in the shape it is. We are one of the richest countries in the world, depending on the current money market. It's true, we are. We have a responsibility to help our neighbors in the world community, but for some reason we can not help ourself. Unemployment rate is never going to leave us; nor will homelessness.

These problems have been here for a long time, but in the 1980's they decided to combine and said "Here I am. How you like me now?" While these two areas of concern were growing, people wanted to assign the responsibility to anyone but themselves. We are ignorant as to how this happens, and why. Any way, that is not what I am here to rant about. See how it got passed?

America's children are starving for food, money, guidance and love. There has all ways been an abundance of this in America, right? Not the way I see it. We have enough celebrities and other famous people out campaigning for other countries, that are poorer than America, but I have yet to see one on TV asking for food for our children and poor. They are sitting on millions of dollars, needing a tax write off. How about they combine and come up with  a project for America? They all have closed closets not publicized, not known to the general public. A charity here, a charity there, to show that they know how to give back to those that made them the celebrities they are. Most of these are not continuous, they are short lived.

I am not saying give anyone anything free, making them a dependent. Just use their combine write-offs to come up with a program for their community. Oh, yeah, I am talking to the big businesses of industry also.

Until I was unable to work effectively, I did everything in my power to have a job. I always found one. It wasn't my ideal places of employment, but it was a j.o.b. I cooked chicken, burgers, pizzas; drove 18-wheelers cross country, delivered pizzas, and finally, worked in the Technical Support Department for an Internet company. Prior to the start of this, I put in 12.5 years in the United States Army.

Today the young folks want easy money so they sling drugs, hang with a gang. They need to get off their lazy behinds and get a legal job working in a fast food restaurant, if that is all they can find.

A family watches out for one another. Their welfare that includes: making sure you have enough food to eat; a roof over your head; clean clothes; safe from the dangerous elements; and etc. Not continuous. You have to want to help yourself.

America is my home, and to make her healthy, I would key in on what is ailing her. Is it something like a cold that is temporary? Or is it like herpes, here forever like an unwanted guest? Once the ailment has been identified, hopefully we can come up with a cure, instead of just covering the symptoms.

One problem has been obvious for a long time. We do not care about ourselves and others. The generation before us had pride in their communities, their families and how they got to where they are. They had respect for one another, not like the ways things are today. They could tell you the name of all most every child on their street or who they belong to. They protected each other from harm and storms.

We gave our elders the respect they deserved, commanded. No profanity in front of or to them. Kids today don't care. All they can think about is themselves, drugs, and babies. Making babies. There was a time when a little parental discipline deterred this kind of behavior. But thanks to government laws being passed, we have to spare the rod, and end up  with a child that's spoiled.

I do not have any answers to resolve everything that ails America, but if we can train tomorrow's generations the way we were trained, tomorrow would be a brighter day for those that follow.

I do not follow blindly into the good night, nor do I take lightly the things I have touched on, but someone needs to take the reins locally (wherever local might be), and find a way we can get results.

Remember, this is one man views, the Last Partner's view.

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