Wednesday, July 21, 2010

K2 & Spice: If You Smoke It You Need To Know This

If you are a K2 or Spice smoker or thinking about smoking it, there are some steps that you need to take immediately to prevent the terrifying side-effects that many have experienced and may have been involved in one teen's death. Perhaps the most important facts you need to know from the beginning is that K2/Spice/JWH-018 is not intended for human consumption and never been tested on humans and K2/Spice/JWH-018 is three to five times stronger than marijuana, so it takes a less amount to achieve a good high. This is perhaps some of the most important information to never forget.

1. Do you have the real thing or is it a designer product? Users and websites have reported that there are fake K2 sites and home made or designer K2 being distributed using forged packaging that looks just like the real deal. It is hard to tell, but there are certain things that you can look for to avoid buying something you do not want. For instance, look at the ingredients and location of where it was produced.

One site that you can check for a list of fake K2 websites unless you're buying from a verified source is and you can verify through if whether the product you're getting does not come from the original K2 manufacturer. Here you can see a growing list of counterfeit sites.

2. If you are ready to smoke, puff - wait 5 to 10 minutes, then take a second puff and wait 5 to 10 minutes again. Users have reported that 2 to 3 puffs or "hits" is all you will need to get a "good high". Realize the strength of K2/Spice/JWH-018 is 3 to 5 times stronger than marijuana, so if you smoke it like a joint, you are smoking too much and may be in for one scary adventure. Remember, do not approach it like you know it, treat it like a stranger and be cautious.

3. Know what you probably can expect to experience so that you are not going in totally blind, and then expect the unexpected. The following is not the complete or confirmed listing of all of K2's negative side-effects, but are the most commonly reported by alleged users in comment sections of many of the articles researched..

Negative Side effects may include:

Here are the most common effects that I noticed by what the commenter said happen after using K2. First the negative: almost immediately there were severe headaches lasting anywhere from approximately two hours to about 10 days, sometimes much longer. The headaches were accompanied with nausea lasting at least two hours, experiencing blackouts, flashbacks like what PCP users experience, severe paranoia to the point of total panic, and an extreme high lasting for over two hours, sometimes over 24 hours. Also observed were clammy, sweaty skin, a pale appearance, increased heart rate, depression, psychotic episodes, anxiety, an "I'm going to die" feeling, erratic breathing, severely impaired vision, twitches, convulsions, shakes, seizures, tremors, blood pressure bottoming out, sheer terror, dizziness, delayed reactions to surroundings, mind wandering, vomiting, profound sweating, sleepiness, disorientation, high blood pressure, severe hallucinations, confusion, claustiphobia, short-term memory loss and severe agitation. As you can see, this list has some life threatening side effects, and the list is going to continue to grow.

Reported Positive Side-Effects

Many stated they believe that K2 is the perfect substitute for the illegal marijuana that is so widely used. The best compromise would be to replace K2 with the natural herb, marijuana, by making it legal to possess, use, purchase or barter. The majority has concluded that marijuana is the lesser of the two evils because its effects are not as dangerous as those present with K2.

The users proclaim that they have not run into any adverse problems because they go in smoking a lesser amount K2 compared to using marijuana. A person can get an enjoyable high if they smoke K2 in moderation instead of jumping off a tall building or bridge knowing that you would be safer if you 1. Were able to fly or 2. Were close enough to the ground or water when you leapt so as not to be fatal. On the average taking about one to three puffs (hits) of K2 will give you the same level of intoxication as in smoking at minimum a whole joint. You know the saying, ". . . puff, puff, and give".

The high feeling from K2 comes a lot faster than marijuana, by being felt almost immediately, where as marijuana's is delayed because it has to penetrate the lungs, to get into your blood. Everyone is claiming to not having an adverse experience, but a mild chilling feeling, and smoked a minimum amount because they did not know how they would be affected.

4. There is no official study or report that can tell you everything about K2/Spice/JWH-018 and this reason alone, makes consuming it dangerous. Before long K2/Spice will be banned in perhaps every state, probably to go underground until a study is conducted, but a study takes time.

These are the four most important pieces of information that I feel should be disseminated as expediently as possible. Keep in mind that this is a compilation of information derived from alleged users. None of this information is from personal experience, for I do not condone drug usage, but I do feel that for safety purposes this information is the minimum amount of knowledge needed to hopefully prevent someone from being killed.

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