Monday, April 5, 2010

First Love Second Chance - Bonita

First love, is there really such a thing? I have tried over and over to figure out just who was my first real true love. I loved them all at the time I was with them, but was it the one.

I met Bonita when I was very young. She was my uncle's girlfriend niece. I never really paid any attention to my feeling for her until we were much older. She became my girlfriend when I was 14.

I heard a lot of rumors about her, mostly from one of my then best friends name Rickey. He said that her uncle was sexually abusing her after school when she went to her Grandparent's. I did not believe it, or rather I did not want to believe it. She was only eleven or twelve years old.

Rumors continued that she was having sex with anyone that wanted her. I wanted her to be my first sexual encounter, but after planning when and where, I chickened out. I lucked out for she was pregnant.

It appears she was in a gang-bang with two brothers and a couple of their friends. She ended up pregnant at the age of eleven years old. She never told me, but it was said that she said the last person to have sex with her that day was the father. One of the two brothers name George. She had a baby boy she named Anthony.

Over the years our paths crossed until she passed away at a young age. While I was in the Army, I came home one weekend to visit my family. The first night home there was a knock at the door. I answered and was surprised to see her standing there. We made plans to get together that night at her house where she lived with her parents, sister and son.

The night passed quickly as we watched movies, I sipped on some liquor her parents purchased, we talked, we hugged, and we kissed and cuddled. We never had sex, but it was one of the best nights I ever had. A lasting memory.

Years later I heard that she had married, and was suffering from lupus. Cancer. Let me bring this to a close.

It was discovered that the father of her son could possibly had been her biological father. She had taken him to court when her spirit could take it no longer. There is more said about the father that I will not talk about, except he went to prison, and is not among the living any more. He had been molesting her beginning at a very young age, and he tried to continue it even after she had moved out. Before she was married.

One day she was at home with her husband, and began feeling bad. He put her in the car to take to the hospital as he had done many times, because of her lupus. This time was different.

As he drove, she stopped talking, and leaned to one side, breathing like she had just went to sleep or fainted. By the time he had pulled into the hospital emergency room driveway, her spirit had departed her body. No more suffering.

Now I keep looking back at us, and remember . . . I saw her one night when I had one of my kids in the emergency room. Without thinking, I went to her, held her tightly, and kissed her. I guess that was our goodbye. Bless her.

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